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Make Money Like The Bachelor

March 2nd, 2010 Joe No comments

I admit this season of The Bachelor somehow reeled me in like a fish.  I ended up watching part of the first episode and it was all over.  I got hooked.  So last night was the finale.  As most of you who care probably know Jake chose to marry Vienna.  The part that captured my attention was when Neil Lane the jeweler came to offer jake some advice on choosing a ring.  Later on in the episode Jake gets down on one knee and opens the ring box and there on my screen is the word NEIL LANE in gold on red satin.  I thought wow that is some advertising space.  It got me wondering how much Mr. Lane paid for that opportunity to be the jewelry provider for The Bachelor.  My main point here is like many network television shows they make money selling ad space mostly during commercials.  However if a great strategic partnership can benefit both parties why would a show like the Bachelor get creative and offer something special in certain situations.  You should be thinking this way when considering your business and life.  Do not just sit back and collect your commercial money, look for creative partnership opportunities.  Even if Jake just got the ring for free that is still a great deal for both parties.  I am wondering what strategic partnerships you are doing, have done, or are thinking about.  How have they worked out?  Share with the community so we can all benefit from your experiences.  Leave your comments below.

New Media, Twitter, Facebook and Beyond

January 20th, 2010 Joe 1 comment

These days  any company that is not using twitter, myspace, facebook and other new media outlets are loosing thousands of opportunities.  The most important of them is the opportunity to build strong relationships with your fan base.  I am not talking about just sales.  Creating a following is what you should be focusing on.  People are what I call “advertisement savvy”.  Its not like it was years ago when you put an ad on prime time and got a huge ROI.  People today are going to fast forward right past your million dollar ad.  Now you have to take time to build relationships with potential customers.   This is good and bad.  Yeah its not as easy to generate quick money with advertising.  However, if you create a following for your company or brand you have a much more loyal client base that actually spends a higher percentage of their disposable income on your product.  Creating a following can take some time, especially for a startup.  If you have been in business for 5 years or more and you are not online getting social you are seriously missing the boat.

How to create a following the fast and dirty version

1. Setup a website, with a blog.  Blogging is a great way to build an online asset of information that will be indexed by search engines and drive traffic to you 24/7.  It also is like a buffet for your potential clients.  They can come and go as they please and consume as much as they like.  Also make sure your website is interesting get 2.0 people!  In this tech savvy world you are not going to hold my attention unless you strategize and create interesting content.

2.  GET ON TWITTER!  I know at first the name twitter or sending tweets might sounds kinda funny.  This twitter situation is hitting critical mass.  It was interesting a year ago when it was much smaller and you could connect with people around the world really easy.  Now it is a great place to connect with business leaders, politicians, and your next clients.  Get to tweeting!  Attach your twitter and your blog so that people who find your blog can find your twitter, and vise versa.

3.  Facebook is not for kids anymore.  Sign up, add all the people you currently know or do business with, and generate interesting content and you will see your fan base grow FAST!  Utilize the great social tools like tagging.  You can tag people in pictures and then those are posted on their wall.  So when you are out in the physical world take pictures and tag you and your clients on facebook.  This gets you exposure to all their friends.  People creep new pictures and will easily find your business.  If their friend knows you and trusts you, they will.

More to come on this topic down the road.  For now follow the down and dirty version of new media marketing.  Oh and find me on twitter @ajoemillionaire

Getting Rich 101 a Millionaire School

September 4th, 2009 Joe No comments

So far we have covered a huge amount of information I thought it would be a good idea to do a quick recap.

1. Be Happy- Rarely do people get rich doing things they hate.  You are much more likely to get rich doing something you feel passionate about.

2. Financial education is priceless.  The saying goes “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  If you are not making financial progress educate yourself and change your actions to get different reactions.

3. Debt is not always bad.  Bad debt holds you down, good debt puts cash in your pocket.

4. Protect your money.  No matter how much you have keeping track of exactly where it is and where its going is crucial.

5.  Two dollars is all it takes to start building your wealth.  See article for more information.