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Ways to Make Money Online

June 28th, 2010 Joe No comments
Make Money Online

Photo By Nick Ares

Make money online is in infamous statement that often gets people to turn and run, but there are legitimate ways to make money online if you can manage to avoid the scams.  This is a short, no bull, free, guide on How to Make Money Online.  There is a ton of sites around the internet that will tell you they hold the “secret” to getting rich online.  Most of them are full of shit.  I do once in a while buy a book or tutorial that will give me the secret to making money online, just to see what brand of snake oil they are pushing now.  Once in a while there are little nuggets that I mine from the mostly overrated material.  I thought I would pass on the common themes to you so that you can just save your money.  I also thought I might give you some real resources, that are mostly free, if you are actually interested in making money online.  So lets start with Read more…

Make Money Like The Bachelor

March 2nd, 2010 Joe No comments

I admit this season of The Bachelor somehow reeled me in like a fish.  I ended up watching part of the first episode and it was all over.  I got hooked.  So last night was the finale.  As most of you who care probably know Jake chose to marry Vienna.  The part that captured my attention was when Neil Lane the jeweler came to offer jake some advice on choosing a ring.  Later on in the episode Jake gets down on one knee and opens the ring box and there on my screen is the word NEIL LANE in gold on red satin.  I thought wow that is some advertising space.  It got me wondering how much Mr. Lane paid for that opportunity to be the jewelry provider for The Bachelor.  My main point here is like many network television shows they make money selling ad space mostly during commercials.  However if a great strategic partnership can benefit both parties why would a show like the Bachelor get creative and offer something special in certain situations.  You should be thinking this way when considering your business and life.  Do not just sit back and collect your commercial money, look for creative partnership opportunities.  Even if Jake just got the ring for free that is still a great deal for both parties.  I am wondering what strategic partnerships you are doing, have done, or are thinking about.  How have they worked out?  Share with the community so we can all benefit from your experiences.  Leave your comments below.

Get Rich Working For Someone Else

September 7th, 2009 Joe No comments

Once you make the decision you are going to become rich, usually you already have a job working for someone else.  I have found with my experiences that it is easier to keep that job and get rich doing something during your off time, like evenings and weekends.  I have known people who decide one day they hate their job and they are going to quit and get rich doing ________(fill in the blank).  This approach never works.  The reason why it never works is because when you have no money you are desperate and other people are repelled by desperation and dont want to work with desperate people.  The advise I give is to follow the Millionaire School guide and find something that makes you happy.  For some people that is baking, photography, gardening, painting, building, or any thing that makes you happy.  Anything can be organized for profit.  Then find a way to do this activity in your free time for profit.  Once you start making money you can start to consider quitting your job or cutting your hours back.  You will find that money comes faster this way.  Money comes faster because you are not desperate and people will like that you are working so hard to pursue your dreams.  People love those stories so tell it to as many people as possible.  Many people will support you just because they want to see you succeed.

The other reason money comes faster when you are doing this in your free time is that you have more money to put into your venture.  If you continue to work you will get a steady paycheck and be able to fund your venture better.  I know most paychecks are spread thin already but it is a fact that you will have more cash flow if you keep your job.

Get rich working for someone else, and you will have more control over your life in the long run.