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Ways to Make Money Online

June 28th, 2010 Joe No comments
Make Money Online

Photo By Nick Ares

Make money online is in infamous statement that often gets people to turn and run, but there are legitimate ways to make money online if you can manage to avoid the scams.  This is a short, no bull, free, guide on How to Make Money Online.  There is a ton of sites around the internet that will tell you they hold the “secret” to getting rich online.  Most of them are full of shit.  I do once in a while buy a book or tutorial that will give me the secret to making money online, just to see what brand of snake oil they are pushing now.  Once in a while there are little nuggets that I mine from the mostly overrated material.  I thought I would pass on the common themes to you so that you can just save your money.  I also thought I might give you some real resources, that are mostly free, if you are actually interested in making money online.  So lets start with Read more…

Flippa Buying and Selling Websites and Domains

February 28th, 2010 Joe 2 comments

Since the inception of the internet the big question for entrepreneurs has been how to capitalize using the web. I have been involved in some capacity in many internet startups and I truly believe that the internet is the gold rush of the new millennium. You can make such a huge connection with your customers using all the new 2.0 tools. There are so many people shopping on the net today. In fact internet shopping revenue goes up by almost 50% per year right now. People are getting more and more comfortable shopping online. This is because it has become safer, easier, and cheaper than ever before.
So my question to you is, Are you getting your piece of the solid gold pie? Read more…