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June 11th, 2010

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WordPress – This blog you are reading is built on a WordPress platform and I believe it is the best way to get a website today. Blogs are so much more beneficial to you than just a standard “business card” website.  Not to mention WordPress blogs are free.  This blog is actually not free because I have chose to have a few add ons and host it on my private server.


Reading and learning is one of the most important parts of reaching your goal of becoming wealthy.  There are a few books that I have read along the way that have really made a difference.  I have been asked a number of times what I am reading so here is a list of my all time favorites and I will post what I am currently reading in the sidebar.

The 4 Hour Workweek- This book covers many of the topics I enjoy.  The Author Tim Ferriss talks about how to quit your job, make money, travel, and join the “New Rich”.  I have read this book more than twice.  It is one that you keep around to go back and read again and again.

Think and Grow Rich- One of the greatest books of all time.  If I had to choose one book for you to read it is this one.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad- Great book that has been on best sellers lists since it came out.  Truly one of the greatest books about changing your life and getting rich.

ReWork- I recently read this book and it is amazing.  If you are thinking about starting or running a business you need to read this book.  The rules of business are changing for the better,  Some people are making the workplace a more enjoyable thing.  Are you?  Business owners read this book.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich-  The Author Ramit Sethi is a Stanford graduate and personal finance expert.  His tips and tricks on Automation are amazing.

You dont have to read all 5 of the books above now.  Just choose one and start reading.  As you can just pick up the next book and read it.  Once you have read all the books above you be amazed at what you will accomplish.

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