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Ways to Make Money Online

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Make Money Online

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Make money online is in infamous statement that often gets people to turn and run, but there are legitimate ways to make money online if you can manage to avoid the scams.  This is a short, no bull, free, guide on How to Make Money Online.  There is a ton of sites around the internet that will tell you they hold the “secret” to getting rich online.  Most of them are full of shit.  I do once in a while buy a book or tutorial that will give me the secret to making money online, just to see what brand of snake oil they are pushing now.  Once in a while there are little nuggets that I mine from the mostly overrated material.  I thought I would pass on the common themes to you so that you can just save your money.  I also thought I might give you some real resources, that are mostly free, if you are actually interested in making money online.  So lets start with

1. Sell Your Own Product

One way to make money online is to sell your own product.  The two most common types of products to sell online are physical products and informational products.

Physical Products

  • Crap from the attic - Yes you can sell things you found in your attic that the last renter forgot to take.  I have heard great things about selling “things” on ebay,craigslist, etsy and other places that allow you to sell real items.
  • Buy and $ell - There are actually people that go buy things and resell them online and make a pretty good living.  To do this you need to source places that can give you a constant flow of merchandise to sell.  One thing I would suggest here is dont get into trying to order “wholesale”.  There are tons of wholesale scams out there.  If you are going to buy and sell then go find products in your area, think American Pickers.  Go out into the world near you and source unique items that you can resell.  Buying and Selling takes tons of research but it is possible and can be very lucrative if you get into the right niche.
  • Make something - Etsy is a marketplace that allows people to sell their own creations as well as vintage items online.  So if you are creative, talented, or artistic you can sell your stuff, or stuff you find at local junk sales, and make money!

Informational Products

  • Write - If you know something about anything you can write informational products.  There is always people willing to pay you for your knowledge.  A friend of mine owned a lawn mowing business and he was doing fairly well just mowing peoples lawns.  I talked him into writing a business plan and tutorial about building your own lawn mowing business.  This is an example of a niche product that did really well.  So if you have information about any subject just write a compelling informational product and research different avenues for selling.
  • Video - These days video informational products are even better than written material in my opinion.  The reason I think this is because most people are LAZY!  They do not want to read, they would rather watch a video tutorial, or how to video.  If your video has any production value at all you can even get more money than you can for a written product.
  • Audio - YES YOU CAN, record something and sell it online.  What do you think iTunes is for?  It is for people who are too poor to buy a video camera but still have a talk-boy laying around from 1991.  No seriously audio is a great way to create and sell your product online.  In fact if you combine an audio product with a written product you have a “package” of goods and that ads value to your offering.  Think lawn mowing business plan + three interviews with world famous lawn mowing company owners = $40 instead of just $20.

Once you have created your product there are many ways to start selling it.  I would suggest doing your research. You can start an affiliate website using Clickbank, or e-Junkie.  You can start an ebay store. You can also list the products on free classified sites like craigslist.  You will want to look into finding a way to deliver your product through instant download.  People do not like to wait for these products, they want to them now!  You wall also want to find a way to take credit card payments online through a reputable organization like paypal, google checkout, or some other reputable credit cart processor.

I know not everyone has a product to sell.  The good news is you can still make money online if you are clever and genuine.

2. Promote Affiliate Products

These days it seams that every business in the world has an affiliate program.  Including big companies like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Ebay, and the little guy that created their own informational product.  An affiliate of a product earns a commission on each sale they bring to the seller.  I have promoted and sold affiliate products many times.  The products that I have found the most success with are the ones that I actually like and use.  There is no better way to sell a product that to actually love it!  So find a product that you actually love and then use that energy to promote the product in as many different ways as you can think of.  In fact if you can, find multiple products that you love and promote them all.

There are unlimited ways to promote other peoples great products and get paid for the sales.  What I would suggest if you are interested in being an Affiliate Marketer is to start a list of products you love, then find out if there is any way to promote the products and make commissions.  Once you find the products you are going to promote then start looking into ways to promote them like blogging, twitter, ebay, craigslist, build an affiliate marketing website there are many possibilities.

3. Blog

To Make money blogging is not an easy task.  Really blogging is more of a way to build a community around something you are passionate about.  If you are clever you can then turn that community into a way to make money.  Rarely to you actually make money from blogging alone (unless you get paid to write for a blog).  There are ways to blog and make money:

  • Advertising - Is the biggest way to make money blogging.  Many Bloggers will sell ad space on their blog to advertisers.  They will also use third party ad serving companies like AdsenseAdbrite, and others to serve ads that generate income for the blogger when readers click the ads.
  • Promote Affiliate Products - As you may have already guessed blogging is a great way to promote products you are passionate about.
  • Fringe Benefits - For some lucky bloggers you can get “fringe benefits” sometimes you will get free products sent to you to review.  Some bloggers get hired for speaking.  Many bloggers get some kind of benefits that are directly related to the fact that they blog, but are not really “make money for blogging”.

In the end making money online is not for everyone.  Most of the time it is not a way to instant riches, but like most businesses if you work at it and genuinely offer value you will make money and who knows maybe you will be the next internet millionaire.

Do you currently make money online?  Where have you had success?  Have you used any of the above techniques, what was your experience?  Leave a comment below.

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