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Flippa Buying and Selling Websites and Domains

February 28th, 2010 Joe Leave a comment Go to comments
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Since the inception of the internet the big question for entrepreneurs has been how to capitalize using the web. I have been involved in some capacity in many internet startups and I truly believe that the internet is the gold rush of the new millennium. You can make such a huge connection with your customers using all the new 2.0 tools. There are so many people shopping on the net today. In fact internet shopping revenue goes up by almost 50% per year right now. People are getting more and more comfortable shopping online. This is because it has become safer, easier, and cheaper than ever before.
So my question to you is, Are you getting your piece of the solid gold pie?

This is the first of a series 7 Ways to Capitalize on the Growing Internet Economy.

There are many ways to get started capitalizing online.
One thing I have been enjoying lately is a site called I have been following the listings on flippa for over a year now. There have been some great sites changing hands through this listing service. Flippa offers information that helps buyers make a good buying decision.  Here is a screen shot of all the information you can get when looking to purchase a site on flippa.

With all this information you are able to make a sound buying decision.  Buying any business can be very tricky.  Buying web businesses can be even trickier.  Be carful and do your research.

There are a few things I look for when buying any site.

1. Google PageRank
Google is one of the best ways at assessing the trust of a website.  Google uses many different criteria when assessing website trust and usefulness. Therefore they do a lot of the leg work for you if you pay attention to the Google PageRank.

2. Income/ Potential Income
Obviously one of the income is is one of the most important criteria.  However potential income is just as important.  As an entrepreneur you probably have ideas you could implement to boost the income of certain web properties.  While you are looking for the perfect site to acquire you should be thinking about ways you could boost the income of those sites.

3. Possible Copies
Flippa has a section that is titled “possible copies”  this is flippa scanning the web looking for duplicates of your website.  The reason this is important is because some web builders will build one great site and register multiple domains so they can just copy the one great idea and sell it multiple times.  Although this may work for certain sites ideas this is really frowned upon in most cases.  So flippa scans the web and lets you know how many “possible copies” they found so you can look at them and make sure you are not buying a copied site.

4. Age
Site and Domain age have become a very important metric for search engines.  The amount of websites on the internet are growing a such a high rate that search engines are giving a little more “trust” to sites who have been around longer. With age they also get more sought after search engine rankings.   Also if the site was built last week then you know this site probably has no income as of yet.  This is a common practice for companies to build sites and sell them to people.  That is their business.  So make sure you pay attention to the age of a site before you buy.

5. Traffic
I like to look at the traffic trend over the last year.  Has the site had steady traffic growth or was there a huge jump in traffic, in the last few weeks, and now the site is listed for sale.   If the site has had nice steady growth you can usually bet it is organic and has been growing with the site content.  If you see a large jump in the traffic and now the site is for sale that may mean the current owner has either had a great article that got a premium link somewhere, or that they purchased the traffic to try and get  a higher sale price.  So you want the steady growth of organic traffic.

6. Seller Trust
Flippa measures the trust of a seller in many different ways.  You can verify your phone number, address, and other things.  This will raise your trust because Flippa knows you are less of a threat if people can get your true information.  As a buyer if I am transferring thousands of dollars to a seller I certainly want the contact information.  So the higher the trust the better you can feel.  However some sellers have really high trust and that indicates that they sell websites and domains for a living.  You can make your own judgement on how you feel about this.  I do a little extra leg work to make sure I am buying from a reputable company when this is the case.  Seller Trust is a great feature on Flippa.

7.  Design and Programming
Many people will look at only a couple of the criteria and if the site meets them they will let design and programming flaws slide.  I do not.  I know that the internet moves so fast that a successful website one day is a junk site the next.  You want to make sure any site you buy looks good and functions as intended.

Buying a website is one great way to get your feet wet in the solid gold pie that is the internet.  Most of the time these sites do not demand your full time attention.  So if you want to learn more about running a business online there is not a better way then to buy an existing business.  So checkout and keep an eye out for a great web property to add to your portfolio.

  1. March 9th, 2010 at 19:56 | #1

    Great post! We’ve actually updated the search functionality since you too the screenshot for this post. You can now search from within the listings.

  2. Joe
    March 9th, 2010 at 20:11 | #2

    Hi Luke
    I think flippa is a great resource for people. You are all doing a great job over there. Let me know if there is anything I can ever do for you. Thank you for the comment.

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