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Average Hourly Wage

February 21st, 2010 Joe Leave a comment Go to comments
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What is your average hourly wage? Lately I have run into a few people who have told me how they get paid this hourly wage or that hourly wage. I even heard someone say that mechanics make twice as much per hour as college professors. When I heard this I thought, Is that true? I did a little research using and found that those claims in most circumstances today are not true. First of all most people work for a wage or a salary. Many times people on salary will get “persuaded” to work more hours than they should. This is beneficial to the company because the more hours a salaried employee puts in the less the employer is paying per hour. However many college professors have the opportunity to work from home, and complete parts of their job on their own time. This allows them to control the productivity level and work at their best time for high productivity. This raises their hourly wage. So what am I saying? If you are currently considering a career change, find a career that allows you to control your hourly wage by being more productive and therefore completing more of your work in less time.
Jobs that reward you for your productivity allow you to take your time back and spend it however you like. Time is your most important asset. So figure out your average hourly wage and look for ways to be more productive and therefore give yourself a raise.
If you work for an employer who punishes productivity by giving productive employees more work then keep your eye out for an employer who rewards productive employees with time, and freedom.

Average Hourly Wage Formula
Total Monthly Income / Total Hours At Work Per Month

So if I make $4000 per month before taxes and I work 220 hours per month (55 hours per week)
Thats would be
$4000/ 220 = $18.20 is my average hourly wage (AHW).

If you are paid hourly and you get overtime pay you use the same formula just make sure not to confuse your average hourly wage with your actual hourly wage. Take the total monthly income divided by the total monthly hours at work.

Once I have my AHW I can see where I can start to trim hours and not trim income. If you are paid per hour this is probably frowned upon by your employer. Salaried employees are expected to do a certain amount of work not a certain amount of hours. So find ways to raise your productivity and lower your time input. Go give yourself a raise!

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