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Ways to Make Money Online

June 28th, 2010 Joe No comments
Make Money Online

Photo By Nick Ares

Make money online is in infamous statement that often gets people to turn and run, but there are legitimate ways to make money online if you can manage to avoid the scams.  This is a short, no bull, free, guide on How to Make Money Online.  There is a ton of sites around the internet that will tell you they hold the “secret” to getting rich online.  Most of them are full of shit.  I do once in a while buy a book or tutorial that will give me the secret to making money online, just to see what brand of snake oil they are pushing now.  Once in a while there are little nuggets that I mine from the mostly overrated material.  I thought I would pass on the common themes to you so that you can just save your money.  I also thought I might give you some real resources, that are mostly free, if you are actually interested in making money online.  So lets start with Read more…

How to Use Twitter

June 10th, 2010 Joe No comments

Twitter is one of my favorite social platforms. It is really simple and fun to use. Now there are all kinds of add ons and products that help twitter users extent the simple service that is twitter but in right now I am just going to cover the basic functions of twitter.

Twitter is a text based service. This means that you broadcast text messages to people who have signed up to receive your messages. You can do this two ways. First you can send out a broadcast to all of your followers.  You type your message into this:

As you can see there is a number 140 in the picture.  140 is the number of characters you are limited to when sending messages on twitter. Read more…

15 Year Mortgage

May 26th, 2010 Joe No comments

Warning: This advice may be shocking.

“If you cant afford to pay it off in 15 years then you cant afford it.”  Advice given to me by one of my advisors.  Before I bought my first property I talked to lots of people about my options.  This included many close friends and relatives.  One of them had great advice.  That advice was, if you cant afford to pay it off in 15 years you cant afford it.

This simple piece of advice will save you thousands of dollars, it will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest payments. Read more…

Make Money Like The Bachelor

March 2nd, 2010 Joe No comments

I admit this season of The Bachelor somehow reeled me in like a fish.  I ended up watching part of the first episode and it was all over.  I got hooked.  So last night was the finale.  As most of you who care probably know Jake chose to marry Vienna.  The part that captured my attention was when Neil Lane the jeweler came to offer jake some advice on choosing a ring.  Later on in the episode Jake gets down on one knee and opens the ring box and there on my screen is the word NEIL LANE in gold on red satin.  I thought wow that is some advertising space.  It got me wondering how much Mr. Lane paid for that opportunity to be the jewelry provider for The Bachelor.  My main point here is like many network television shows they make money selling ad space mostly during commercials.  However if a great strategic partnership can benefit both parties why would a show like the Bachelor get creative and offer something special in certain situations.  You should be thinking this way when considering your business and life.  Do not just sit back and collect your commercial money, look for creative partnership opportunities.  Even if Jake just got the ring for free that is still a great deal for both parties.  I am wondering what strategic partnerships you are doing, have done, or are thinking about.  How have they worked out?  Share with the community so we can all benefit from your experiences.  Leave your comments below.

Flippa Buying and Selling Websites and Domains

February 28th, 2010 Joe 2 comments

Since the inception of the internet the big question for entrepreneurs has been how to capitalize using the web. I have been involved in some capacity in many internet startups and I truly believe that the internet is the gold rush of the new millennium. You can make such a huge connection with your customers using all the new 2.0 tools. There are so many people shopping on the net today. In fact internet shopping revenue goes up by almost 50% per year right now. People are getting more and more comfortable shopping online. This is because it has become safer, easier, and cheaper than ever before.
So my question to you is, Are you getting your piece of the solid gold pie? Read more…

Average Hourly Wage

February 21st, 2010 Joe No comments

What is your average hourly wage? Lately I have run into a few people who have told me how they get paid this hourly wage or that hourly wage. I even heard someone say that mechanics make twice as much per hour as college professors. When I heard this I thought, Is that true? I did a little research using and found that those claims in most circumstances today are not true. First of all most people work for a wage or a salary. Many times people on salary will get “persuaded” to work more hours than they should. This is beneficial to the company because the more hours a salaried employee puts in the less the employer is paying per hour. However many college professors have the opportunity to work from home, and complete parts of their job on their own time. This allows them to control the productivity level and work at their best time for high productivity. This raises their hourly wage. So what am I saying? If you are currently considering a career change, Read more…

Google Voice

February 6th, 2010 Joe No comments

Recently I got my invitation to start using google voice.  I am very excited to completely dissect this service.  From what I have seen so far this could change the way we use phone service forever.  It will automatically do so many things that will help anyone communicate  more effectively.  You know I am an efficiency junky and it looks like google voice will allow me to explore another option.

Google Voice will actually allow me to give out one number and I setup which of my phone rings when any certain person calls.  I can choose to send straight to voicemail.  This will allow me to batch voicemail like I do email.  Oh and as of now it is FREE!

I will keep you informed about how Google Voice works out for me.  Oh and just incase you are interested here is the email I got.

Four Hour Workweek Extended Edition

January 31st, 2010 Joe 1 comment

For those of you waiting patiently I did finish the second edition of The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris.  The first edition of this book was extremely interesting to me.  I devoured it in a weekend.  Tim is a great motivator to do what I have coined “streamline”.  He is interested in streamlining many areas of life including his business and cash flow sections.  Being an amateur minimalist I really enjoy the sections on elimination and automation.  Tim will walk you through his business life and what he has done to free up more time to travel, be with family, and explore different life options.  Truly a great read for people looking to escape the rat race and find happiness in other areas besides work.  One important part of this book is it looks at this “escape plan” from two angles, the employee angle and the business owner angle.  This is helpful for people who have a job and want to keep that job but just want to take some of their life back.  It is also helpful for business owners who want to learn how to streamline operations and have more free time.  Once you have implemented some of the elimination and automation techniques Tim offers some great ideas for Liberation and what ot do with your extra time.  Great book I give it 5 stars!  So go get your hands on a copy.

New Media, Twitter, Facebook and Beyond

January 20th, 2010 Joe 1 comment

These days  any company that is not using twitter, myspace, facebook and other new media outlets are loosing thousands of opportunities.  The most important of them is the opportunity to build strong relationships with your fan base.  I am not talking about just sales.  Creating a following is what you should be focusing on.  People are what I call “advertisement savvy”.  Its not like it was years ago when you put an ad on prime time and got a huge ROI.  People today are going to fast forward right past your million dollar ad.  Now you have to take time to build relationships with potential customers.   This is good and bad.  Yeah its not as easy to generate quick money with advertising.  However, if you create a following for your company or brand you have a much more loyal client base that actually spends a higher percentage of their disposable income on your product.  Creating a following can take some time, especially for a startup.  If you have been in business for 5 years or more and you are not online getting social you are seriously missing the boat.

How to create a following the fast and dirty version

1. Setup a website, with a blog.  Blogging is a great way to build an online asset of information that will be indexed by search engines and drive traffic to you 24/7.  It also is like a buffet for your potential clients.  They can come and go as they please and consume as much as they like.  Also make sure your website is interesting get 2.0 people!  In this tech savvy world you are not going to hold my attention unless you strategize and create interesting content.

2.  GET ON TWITTER!  I know at first the name twitter or sending tweets might sounds kinda funny.  This twitter situation is hitting critical mass.  It was interesting a year ago when it was much smaller and you could connect with people around the world really easy.  Now it is a great place to connect with business leaders, politicians, and your next clients.  Get to tweeting!  Attach your twitter and your blog so that people who find your blog can find your twitter, and vise versa.

3.  Facebook is not for kids anymore.  Sign up, add all the people you currently know or do business with, and generate interesting content and you will see your fan base grow FAST!  Utilize the great social tools like tagging.  You can tag people in pictures and then those are posted on their wall.  So when you are out in the physical world take pictures and tag you and your clients on facebook.  This gets you exposure to all their friends.  People creep new pictures and will easily find your business.  If their friend knows you and trusts you, they will.

More to come on this topic down the road.  For now follow the down and dirty version of new media marketing.  Oh and find me on twitter @ajoemillionaire

To Own or Not To Own?

January 10th, 2010 Joe No comments

It is a big question in todays market.  Many people are continuing to rent because they fear if they buy a home it might drop in value and they will have lost thousands of dollars.  I am here to tell you that your concerns are valid and real.  Many people who bought in the last 10 years are sitting in a home that is worth half the amount they paid for it.  This is a nightmare.  So the question is To own or not to own?  First I believe that the market is starting to stabilize and within the next year is a great time to buy.  Especially if you can get in on the tax credits given out by the federal government.  I believe that the home you live in should not be looked at as an investment and here is why.

1. You need a place to live.  This cannot be argued.  Everyone needs a place to live.  Just make your home your home.  Who cares if your house is worth 10X what you paid for it.  That means all the other realestate in your market is too.  If you were going to “cash out”  you would have to move to a new, less expensive, market to really reap the rewards.

2. If you rent for “a few more years”  you always feel misplaced and like you are on the edge of leaving or moving or doing something else with your life.  It gives you a sense of uncertainty.  This can cause fractures in other areas of your life.

3. In a rental you are always throwing away the rent.  Right now your money has not gone further in years.  You can buy great houses for such great prices.   Every city in the country has amazing deals.

4. Interest rates have never been lower and they can not get much lower.  That means there is only one other place they can go.  Locking in a fixed rate right now is the best time in history!  This alone will save you thousands over the life of your mortgage.

5. Right now in many cities you can actually buy for less than you can rent because people bought rental properties with a mortgage 3,4,5,8 years ago and they have high payments.  Now those houses are worth half and they still have high payments.  Investors are rarely willing to rent a place for less than the payment.  So that means your payment to buy is going to be 30%-50% less than renting.  What if you took that extra $400-$1000 and put it in your IRA or other savings account?  Do you think after 30 years that would be a nice little chunk of change?  It would!  In fact if you saved $550 a month for 30 years with an average rate of 5% you would have about $40,000 dollars!  Thats a little incentive to buy.

6. Finally, owning a home is the American dream for a reason.  Having a place to belong and make yours is an amazing feeling.  If you are in the market for a home do not wait.  Your home is not an investment its your home.  If you are going to invest in real estate do it in some other way.